Family guide to bonding with a baby

Breastfeeding babies need more than their mother to grow into happy and healthy kids! They benefit from other close family ties too.

Breastfeeding is a special and intense time for mom and her new little one. We know that breastmilk provides baby with perfect nutrition, but sometimes other family members can feel left out.

Fathers, partners, grandparents and other family members naturally want to bond with the new baby. Even though breastfeeding is a job that only mom can do, there are still many ways to be close to your baby and be helpful to a tired mama.

  • Hold and cuddle your baby, have a nap with baby snuggled on your chest.
  • Babies are used to the voices of their families; it is soothing to hear the familiar tones. Rock your baby, sing a lullaby, or tell a story. This helps baby to get used to being with others, as well as giving mom a chance to rest.
  • Diaper duty!
  • Babies love to be touched! When baby is fussy, try a warm bath. Many new dads or grandmas have enjoyed giving baby their first bath. Make lots of eye contact with baby and use a gentle touch. After baby is clean and dry, do a simple massage with a little bit of unscented oil.
  • Babies love to be held, and dont worry, you cant spoil a baby by holding them too much! Try using a sling or front pack carrier. This leaves your arms free to do other tasks, such as simple chores around the house or yard, preparing meals and snacks for mom and other kids in the house, or just going for a little walk.
  • If baby is sleeping separately, bring baby to mom for nighttime feedings. It is good for baby to know that there are so many special people that care about her needs.