A Woman May Breastfeed her Child in a Public Place (Oregon, 1999)

A woman my breastfeed her child in a public place, per a 1999 Oregon statute.

Babies need to eat when they’re hungry, regardless of where they happen to be. The legislature recognized this biological necessity and took steps to protect the breastfeeding relationship and it’s natural continuance when moms and babies are in public.

Related resources:

  • The text of the law is available for download here.
  • The Oregon Department of Human Services has produced a wallet card stating the law. Humorously dubbed the license to breastfeed, a mother can present it if she is every challeneged about her right to breastfeed wherever she is. The link to order the wallet cards is here.
  • Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon makes a thank you for nursing your baby card, which thanks a mom for being so responsive to her baby’s needs. It includes NMC’s free telephone helpline. Call 503-282-3338.