Getting help when you need it

Seek professional help for your newborn if s/he is:

  • Wetting fewer than 6 diapers per day
  • Looks yellow or jaundiced
  • Not gaining weight

Seek professional help for mama if:

  • Nursing is extremely painful
  • Nursing is getting worse rather than better
  • Nipples are cracked or bleeding
  • Baby blues and crying seems excessive, or goes on for more than a few days

Options on where to go for help:

  • Birthing hospitals’ lactation departments.
  • Private lactation consultant, often listed in the phone book under breastfeeding
  • La Leche League of Oregon
  • Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon
  • WIC Office

Insurance coverage is a frequent question and concern for people.  Medela has a new website devoted to answering questions about insurance, and it contains lots of helpful informaiton including:

  • Coverage questions you should ask
  • Tips for communicating with your insurance company
  • Understanding the benefits of breastmilk
  • Filing an insurance claim
  • Lactation consultant coverage
  • Appealing an insurance claim
  • Quick coding reference guide